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Rigger 'A' Grade Cow Hide Gloves

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Our gloves are made from premium quality cowhide leather which means they can stand up to the harshest treatment that is required in industrial protection, but still comfortable enough to be used as everyday work gloves. The ph level is neutral meaning our gloves are also kind to sensitive skin.

The gloves are available in 5 colour coded sizes from small through to 2XL and are natural in colour meaning no more yellow dye left on your hands on rainy or hot humid days.

Our gloves meet European standard EN388 (3132) and EN420 equivalent to Australia and New Zealand as AS/NZ 2161:1998 as recognised by (NATA) National Australian Testing Authority.
Quantity per carton - 120 pairs.

How does this glove need to perform to meet the standard for mechanical risk?
The standard for mechanical risk is (EN388)
The EN 388:2003 standard is intended to assess a glove's ability to protect against mechanical hazards such as cutting. It includes a series of four tests which measure the glove's resistance to abrasion, cutting, tearing and puncture


test item(s)
Abrasion resistance of gloves
Level 3
Blade cut resistance of glove
Level 1
Tear resistance of glove
Level 3
Puncture resistance of glove
Level 2


What are the general requirements (EN420) for occupational protective gloves?

This standard is designed to ensure that the gloves themselves do not cause harm to the wearer and are comfortable to wear. Tests and requirements include the pH and chrome VI content of leather, plus water vapour transmission and absorption of materials. In addition, procedures to examine the sizing of the glove and its effect on finger dexterity are covered, plus general requirements for the information to be supplied with and marked on the glove.

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