The leaders in safety  – About Rigger Imports

Stay protected at all times with Rigger Imports’ superior range of safety equipment

At Rigger Imports Safety Pty Ltd we're committed to helping you and your company fulfil all your safety needs. Achieve higher productivity through our innovative safety products and on time delivery standards. Our success comes from one simple fact - we keep our promise to be the leader in providing our customers the best and the most complete safety solutions.

With over 30 years of industry experience, Rigger Imports Safety knows what it takes to make your site safe. We have worked in and supplied a range of industries throughout Australia implementing our safety strategies and products. Take peace of mind in knowing you’re always in safe hands when you buy your safety products online from the experts.


Our team will work quickly to analyse and evaluate your safety needs and deliver our safety solutions directly to your site. We also stand strongly behind the quality of our product lines and services, meaning you can too.

We are the leader and innovator in delivering you a complete safety solution, to support various aspects of your business. Our dedicated team is working to generate the best products for our customers.

Trust and Respect 

Every job within Rigger Imports is important, and every staff member carrying it out is important. We attract diverse, capable and committed people and provide an environment that fosters respect, individual responsibility, and creativity to deliver the highest quality services and products in Australia. Trust is strengthened through open communications, strong ties, personal initiative to deliver solutions, and by obtaining quality results rapidly.

Quality and Standards

Rigger Imports is dedicated to providing world class products. Using our extensive experience in sourcing, we produce goods that meet the standard requirements of Australian/NZ and European international legislation where appropriate. We have developed successful partnerships with respected personnel safety specialists, recognised worldwide for their innovative and unique products. Our proactive approach to research and development enables us to assist our customers in having access to world leading technology.

With a genuine passion for delivering the best safety products to companies across Australia, and with over 30 years of experience in sourcing and developing safety equipment for a range of applications and industries, Rigger Imports is the most reliable and trusted supplier of safety products in Australia.